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Ashland Senior Center

The 18,000sf Intergenerational Community Center serves 2,775 elders and 2,277 K-8 children. The Center is a unique combination of a senior center and a recreation center for K-8 children. Utilizing the topography of the site solved the issue of elders and children in the same building. The two-story building is entered on grade at both the upper and lower levels. This allows for separate entrances and parking areas for the two user groups, the elders and the young children. The recreation department offices and youth activity rooms are located on the lower level with their own arrival area with access directly onto the playing fields. The Senior Center is on the upper level adjacent to a 3,000sf multi-purpose/recreation room. The seniors have their own entrance and dedicated parking lot. The senior center also has wonderful patios and decks overlooking the playing fields below. There are walking trails leading to an adjacent state park and lake. The Community Center includes a multipurpose soccer field and a baseball field.