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Francestown Town Hall

Constructed in 1847 as the Francestown Academy, a private boarding school, the town assumed ownership of the building in 1945.

The building’s first floor auditorium is currently used for public meetings while the open second floor has been deemed structurally unsound for public access.

We are working with the Town of Francestown to formulate a preservation, renovation and expansion plan for the building.

The first phase was to complete an architectural and structural inspection of the building to better understand its architectural evolution and current structural condition. Our inspection uncovered some serious roof structure failures which the town is currently addressing. In the next phase we will further investigate options for addressing further upgrades – accessibility, egress, structural integrity, rest rooms and mechanical systems.

The concept under consideration is to design an addition near the southwest corner of the building to provide a new accessible primary point of entry into the building, address egress requirements, provide an elevator serving the first and second floors, and provide restrooms. The addition would not deter from the historic presence of the building on it prominent site in the village.